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Tymax TPT

Tetra Iso-propyl Titanate

CAS: 546-68-9       EC: 208-909-6

Tymax TBT

Tetra N-butyl Titanate

CAS: 5593-70-4  EC: 227-006-8

Tymax ET

Tetra ethyl titanate

CAS: 3087-36-3   EC: 221-410-8

Tymax TOT

Tetra isooctyl titanate

CAS: 1070-10-6   EC: 213-969-1

Tymax 926

Titanate complex

CAS: 27858-32-8   EC:2 48-697-2

Tymax TIA

Ti- phosphate complex

CAS: 109037-78-7   EC: 401-100-0

Tymax NPZ

Tetra propyl zirconate

CAS:      EC:

Tymax NBZ

Tetra butyl zirconate

CAS:    EC:

Applications MarketIncrease your product grade

PC Plastic
PBT Plastic
Printing Inks
High-temperature resistant coatings
Shale gas development
Silicone Sealant
wire enamel

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We understand that as chemicals, high quality packaging and transportation is critical!

That’s why we offer professional packaging and logistics services, using high-quality materials and experienced personnel to ensure that your products arrive intact and safe.

Let us take care of the details so you can focus on your business.

FAQs About Tymax catalyst

Tymax has been wholesaling catalyst for 12 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

Do your catalysts have ROHS certification?

Yes, our catalysts are ROHS certified. Not only our products have ROHS certification, but also all the raw materials used to produce the catalyst, so please rest assured that the products are safe and environmentally friendly.

Can you provide samples?

Of course we can.  if you have any problems in the middle process, you can contact our technicians at any time to ensure that the catalyst plays the most important role in your products, and saves your cost and improves your efficiency.

What other products do you have?

Depending on the industry, we also produce composite series of catalysts, such as titanium-aluminum composite series, titanium-zirconium composite series, titanium-silicon composite series and so on.

What is the difference between your catalyst and other brands?

From the quality of our products (appearance, performance indicators) to packaging and transportation, we care about every detail just as much as you do, and that’s why our customers trust us.

What are the advantages of your catalysts?

Through detailed experiments and analysis of other brands in the market, customers praise our products for their value for money, excellent quality and reasonable price.

How are your catalysts packaged?

Different materials and sizes of drums can be used for packaging according to your needs, such as 25/210L plastic drums, galvanized drums, baked iron drums, tonne drums and so on.

Can emergency purchases be met?

Yes! If you suddenly need goods urgently, they can be urgently deployed to you and shipped to your destination as fast as possible to ensure that your production is not delayed.

Can I use my own brand logo?

Of course you can, we can provide the package with blank labels or you can provide us with the labels and we will apply them to the drums. Either way, please be assured that your information will be kept strictly confidential.

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